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SAP Transaction F.64: A Comprehensive Guide for SAP Users

SAP Transaction F.64: A Comprehensive Guide for SAP Users

Welcome to our tutorial on SAP transaction F.64, a crucial transaction code used in SAP Financials (FI) module. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of using F.64 to execute automatic clearing of customer and vendor open items in your SAP system. Whether you are a new SAP consultant or an inexperienced SAP user searching for F.64 instructions, this tutorial will provide you with detailed information and concrete examples to help you navigate through F.64 effortlessly.

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Now, let’s get started with our tutorial on using SAP transaction F.64.

What is SAP Transaction F.64?

SAP Transaction F.64 (Automatic Clearing) is a powerful transaction code used in SAP FI to automatically clear customer and vendor open items. It allows users to specify selection criteria and execute the clearing process, which matches open items based on defined parameters and automatically posts clearing documents. With F.64, you can efficiently manage and reconcile open items, ensuring accurate financial reporting and improved cash flow.

Step 1: Accessing SAP Transaction F.64

To begin using F.64, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your SAP system using your user ID and password.
  2. Launch the SAP Easy Access Menu.
  3. Navigate to the “Accounting” folder and expand it.
  4. Locate and click on the “Financial Accounting” folder.
  5. From the sub-menu, select “Accounts Receivable” or “Accounts Payable” depending on the type of open items you want to clear.
  6. Next, choose “Periodic Processing” and click on “Automatic Clearing” to proceed to the F.64 transaction.

Step 2: Understanding F.64 Transaction Screen

Once you have accessed F.64, you will encounter the F.64 transaction screen, which consists of various fields and tabs. Let’s explore each of them:

  • Selection Criteria: This section allows you to define the selection criteria for open items that you want to clear. You can specify parameters such as company code, account type, reconciliation account, and document date range.
  • Processing Parameters: Here, you can set additional processing parameters, such as the posting date for clearing documents, clearing currency, and tolerance groups for clearing.
  • Output Control: The output control tab enables you to specify the output options for the clearing process, such as print parameters and output medium.
  • Additional Functions: In this tab, you can find additional functions for managing open items, such as displaying cleared items, reversing clearing documents, and resetting clearing flags.

Step 3: Executing Automatic Clearing with F.64

To execute automatic clearing using F.64, follow these steps:

  1. In the “Selection Criteria” section, specify the relevant parameters based on your clearing requirements. For example, you can select a specific company code, account type, or document date range.
  2. Move to the “Processing Parameters” tab and configure the necessary settings, such as the posting date for clearing documents and clearing currency.
  3. If needed, go to the “Output Control” tab and define the output options for the clearing process, such as print parameters.
  4. Once you have set the desired parameters, click on the “Execute” button to initiate the automatic clearing process.
  5. Review the clearing results displayed on the screen. You can see the cleared items and any remaining open items that were not matched during the clearing process.
  6. If necessary, you can use the “Additional Functions” tab to perform actions such as displaying cleared items, reversing clearing documents, or resetting clearing flags.

Congratulations! You have successfully executed automatic clearing using SAP transaction F.64.

Step 4: Exploring Additional Functionality

SAP transaction F.64 offers various additional functionalities that can further streamline your financial processes. Here are some notable features:

  • Clearing Variants: F.64 allows you to save clearing variants, which are predefined sets of selection criteria and processing parameters. This feature enables you to quickly execute frequent clearing processes without having to manually enter the same parameters each time.
  • Automatic Clearing with Reference Documents: F.64 supports automatic clearing based on reference documents. You can specify reference document types and reference document numbers to automatically match and clear open items.
  • Partial Clearing: In addition to automatic clearing, F.64 enables you to perform partial clearing of open items. This feature allows you to selectively clear specific line items while leaving others open, providing flexibility in managing complex clearing scenarios.
  • Recurring Clearing: F.64 supports recurring clearing, which allows you to schedule and execute clearing processes at regular intervals. This feature is particularly useful for automating repetitive clearing tasks and maintaining up-to-date financial records.


In this tutorial, we have provided you with a comprehensive guide on using SAP transaction F.64 in the SAP FI module. We explained the purpose of F.64, walked you through the steps of executing automatic clearing, and explored additional functionalities. Remember, continuous learning and practice are key to becoming proficient in SAP FI.

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