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SAP Training Pro.

Guided from A to Z by best experts, you will master the whole module through our hands-on masterclasse. Practical course that will simplify your day-to-day tasks and boost your long-term career.

Leading companies like AirB&B invest in quality SAP video training for consultants and employees
Uber and other industry giants choose excellence with top-tier SAP video training for consultants and employees.
Spotify and other industry leaders prioritize SAP excellence through top-notch video training for consultants and employees.
Instagram and other industry trailblazers choose excellence with premier SAP video training for consultants and employees.
PayPal and other industry leaders prioritize SAP excellence through cutting-edge video training for consultants and employees.
Nestlé and other industry giants prioritize SAP excellence through exceptional video training for consultants and employees.

Become An Expert Instantly

Everything you need to ease your daily job and boost your carrer.

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The Secret of Gurus

As you know the gurus all know about SAP. But how do they do it? The truth is simple, they all know the power of our unique video catalog.

It gives instant access to :

  • All Customizing
  • All Workflows
  • All Modules

Video Trainings

For professional

Do you use SAP every day?

The ultimate SAP video training platform - Road to Expert - guiding junior consultants step by step through major SAP modules.
The Platform is made for You
Need to customize a workflow you’ve never worked on before? No problem. Clicked on the flow of the module concerned, watch the tutorial and that’s it.

You will become an expert thanks to:

  • Step by Step Videos
  • Concrete Exemples
  • Just Watch & Do !

Ready to Become a SAP master ?

Boost Your Opportunities

With all this knowledge in hand, you can choose the company you want to work for, the city you want to work in and the module you want to work with.

Boost Your Revenues

If you are able to work as an expert with several modules, you can ask for a better salary, you are in a better position to negotiate with your company or another.

Ease Your Daily Job

Access to the module customizing and workflow tutorials, ease your day-to-day work and become more efficient than ever.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Testimonial from a satisfied customer: Shortened workdays and efficient problem-solving with Road to Expert SAP video training.
A real game changer for me!

Tired of hanging out on forums for hours often for nothing. A real waste of time. Since I use road to expert, I can find the answer to any question I have in 5 minutes, I just have to look at the manipulation and reproduce it. So much easier, and my days are much shorter. And to answer your question, yes I 100% recommend RTE to all functional consultants like me whether they work in an agency or freelance.
Without a doubt.

Marc Williams
Functional Consultant
Client testimonial: Road to Expert, a godsend for freelancers tackling diverse SAP challenges.
Customizations and workflows clearly explained is a godsend!

As a functional freelancer, most of the time I don’t have a colleague to help me with specific issues. This can be very frustrating. Also, as much as I like my clients, they ask me to work on things that are outside of my scope of expertise. This can lead to burn out. So having a platform that gives me access to all the major modules with all the customizations and workflows clearly explained is a godsend!

Client testimonial: Road to Expert, a godsend for freelancers tackling diverse SAP challenges.
Client testimonial: Road to Expert, the ultimate tool for SAP professionals. Kudos to your experts!
A complete and efficient tool.

By far the best tool developed for SAP professionals. Congratulations to your experts!

John Robert

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that should answer most of yours.
What is RoadtoExpert.com ?

RoadtoExpert.com is the streaming platform dedicated to people using SAP in their daily work. We help them become experts in all areas.

By providing comprehensive video tutorials on all major SAP modules created by the best experts from around the world, we want to make people's lives easier and help them build a very successful career.

What is included in a subscription?

At this time by subscribing to one of our tutorial you will have access to all modules, all tutorials including workflows, customization and methodology.

Take a chance while you still can!

What are the benefits of becoming a subscriber?

By subscribing you will have access to our platform you will dramatically improve your daily work thanks to our detailed tutorials that will save you a lot of time and boost your productivity by avoiding wasting your time on forums by asking right and left.

You will also multiply your opportunities and your income because by having access to all our modules your horizons of jobs and missions will be unlimited.

Become an expert in a few clicks.

What is included in your All Access Pass?

The pass includes unlimited access to our platform. You will have access to all tutorials for all SAP SD, MM, PP,PM, FICO, ABAP, Fiori modules and more.

Explore the potential of RoadtoExpert.com today!

Can I use your platform in my daily work?

Yes, most of our subscribers use it on a daily basis to save time. In a few clicks find the flow you want to use and you will have all the explanations on how this flow works, the settings explained by an expert in the field and all kind of golden advice.

Can I use your platform to get my SAP certification?

Yes, all of our courses are designed as per certification exam syllabus and we keep updating videos when required.

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